Our future. Our responsibility

I’m questioning myself a lot about our generation and our role we have to play.

Both generations before and after us are well defined.
Our parents, the X generation, always knew the peace and growth, in a less complex world. They are still controlling most of the power position in the world today, deciding for our future. They are from my point of view the exact definition of what we call in France the Jacobisme.
On the other side, the Y generation. Digital native. With a complex world coming but also full of opportunity, they are still too young to take the power but they will soon, when the X will leave.
In the middle, us. Who are we ? Not a X, not an Y.

Born in the 70’s or 80’s, we always knew a world in transformation.
We always knew a world in crisis, but we are also a highly educated generation, like never before. Open, borderless with program like Erasmus or the felt of the wall of Berlin, Internet, we like the changes, the innovation, and trying to build a better world, where the human is the center.

During a long moment I was angry about our parents’ generation.
Not because of what they had, but because of the fact they don’t want to give to us, today, the relay. Refusing the transformations we are asking, we need, and trying to protect their advantages related to a model of a society which is no more in touch with the actual world.
I had the feeling my generation is like a sacrificed one. We will have to pay to maintain the life of our parents, and, when our time will come, the next generation will be there.

But today I’m more questioning about how. How to change that. How to play the role which has to be our. How to influence the existing world and trying to make it better for the future, for our children. How to live not in our Parent’s world, but to create our.
I think we cannot wait for our parents to leave their position and to transmit the relay to us. We have to move on, and to take actions now.
To reinvent thing. A new model. More in touch with the world in 2014. International, competitive, fair, emphatic.

So, don’t wait for something to come from “the others”. Move on, innovate, be creative, be sassy, the world is full of opportunities.


You have to be strong,
You have to be happy,
People are waiting after you,
But maybe they’re wrong.

You have to be a leader,
You have to go fast,
You have to be efficient,
But you’re just an human.

Everything I read about management, personal life, happiness, success, is about list of things we have to do.
Self improvement.
Never ending.
Always performing better. Faster.

Be a boss,
Be a strategic thinker,
Be a leader,
Be a manager,
Be a project manager,
Be an engineer,
Be an expert.

Manage your work-life balance,
Manage your family,
Be a husband,
Be a father,
Be a lover,
Have an healthy life,
Manage yourself,
Manage the others.

And the world, the business, the issues we have to manage,
Are every day more complex,
Things are going faster,
And we have to be there. Always better. On everything.

We have to be a hero.

What about slowing down ?
What about taking time to think well ?
To do things well ?
To be happy ?
To make the others happy ?

Where are we going ?
How come is it just possible ?
What is the limit for us, humans ?
How to deal with that ?
How to manage that ?

I do not have these answers.
For sure. I have to find its.
For me,
For people around me.

We can be Heroes
Just for one day
We can be Heroes
We’re nothing
And nothing will help us
Maybe we’re lying
Then you better not stay
But we could be safer
Just for one day

Hey, this is my blog!

Hey you !

After having this blog talking about IT and management (and management of IT) related topics, in French, I have decided to start from zero.
This time in English.

Do not expect regular posts. I just have created this blog to allow e to have a space to write and express my vision, concern, ideas, if I feel I need to do it.

This blog is by me, for me. And having you reading it is just like a bonus.
Waiting for new blog posts, feel free to contact me directly if you want to share with me.